My top 5 resorts in Guatemala

Alotenango, Guatemala

La Réunion Golf Resort and Residence

We arrived in the early evening after a long journey and we had a great feeling as we made it to this wonderful setting.

The hotel, 20 minutes from the city of Antigua, is built on a former coffee plantation and is surrounded by four stunning volcanoes. It contains a 26 all-suite boutique hotel and villas, an 18 hole Pete and Perry Golf Course, a wonderful spa complex and a restaurant handled by French Chef Fabrice.

The views from any part of the hotel complex are breath-taking and fill you with a real sense of peace. Aside from the occasional grumble from the volcanoes, nothing but the sounds of birds and nature can be heard. The service was remarkable, and the spa treatment we received was no different.

One afternoon we decided to take a walk along the golf course. Even though we ourselves are not golfers by any means, we were thoroughly impressed with the size of it and we can say with some certainty that it was unlike any other we had seen before.

Punta de Piedra Nitum, San Andres

Bolontiku Boutique Hotel

Blending perfectly into the Guatemalan jungle, Bolontiku is located on the shores of mystical Lake Itzá.

Only accessible via boat from Flores, this secluded location has a gourmet restaurant with a beautiful view on the water which promises to only use organic products from the nearest towns; something which I truly appreciated.

The Hotel was the perfect variation from rest of our activities, giving us a wonderful opportunity to take a beat, relax, to enjoy the view, the gorgeous sunset and the delicious food before recommencing our journey to explore Guatemala and its History

Filadelfia coffee resort and tours

Location: 150 meters north of the Church of San Felipe de Jesús, La Antigua Guatemala.

With its 18 rooms, a plethora of outdoor activities and tours as well as its charming surroundings, Filadelfia easily cemented itself as one of my favourite places. Owing to the unfortunate brevity of our stay here, this is one place to which I am determined to return.

Surrounded by coffee plantations, Filadelfia offers not only the opportunity to explore the site and the coffee production but also birdwatching, camping, mountain biking, and more. It really is a tranquil Oasis so close to the hustle and bustle of Antigua! Everything was gorgeous and rich in History and Character.

(I do not own this photo)

Carretera a San Antonio Palopó km 6.8, San Antonio Palopó, Guatemala

Casa Palopò

Full disclosure, I so regrettably haven’t had the chance to sleep in this hotel (yet) but I was however lucky enough to have dinner there. I instantly fell in love with the decoration (loaded with antiques, brightly painted walls, exquisite furnishings, artefacts and art) and, of course, the astonishing location.

Since 2000, they have established a tradition of personalized service, fine dining and eco-friendly activities in an incomparable setting, becoming the first Relais & Chateau in Guatemala. (I do not own the photos)

As was becoming a theme in Guatemala, our visit in this beautiful place was again far too short, giving us yet another reason to go back to Guatemala and enjoy this gorgeous hidden gem. The dinner there was sensational, the service flawless and the atmosphere magical.

Casa Santo Domingo

Only a few meters from the city entrance of Antigua, this innovative Hotel, museum and spa succeeded in integrating modern comfort in one of the most crucial colonial archaeological monuments in America.

Indeed, in its stone walls with more than 400 years of History, Santo Domingo allowed me to appreciate a unique atmosphere and to learn a lot about the Guatemalan past.

The hotel holds a colonial museum, an archaeology museum, a museum of pre-Columbian art and modern glass, a silver museum, the Marco Augusto and the artists hall as well as the pharmacy museum. The museums promenade links those buildings together, creating a serene experience. Additionally, la Casa Santo Domingo offers beautiful accommodations and a spa area. (I do not own the pictures below)

(I do not own this picture)