“Oh you’re going to Iceland? You have to check the Blue Lagoon!”

I can’t even tell you how many times I heard this before heading to my trip. And to be honest, it made me like the idea less and less. I wanted to try the hotsprings, of course! But to bathe in a over crowded, touristic and expensive “spa” wasn’t something I had in mind.

Instead, I found the Secret Lagoon in Hverahòlmi, the geothermal area near Fludir, in the middle of the Golden Circle. It’s been an active bathing spot since 1891, making it the oldest swimming pool in the country.

What I truly appreciate was the rough and natural aspect of it, giving me the feeling of being a true Icelander.

Thanks to the Secret Lagoon team, I enjoyed three hours of relaxation, letting my body float in the 39 degrees water and my mind wander in the steam. It was a real moment of peace where nothing felt out of place (except maybe the possibility to drink in the pool) in great, clean and spacious facilities.

If you fancy it, you can even step off the pool and walk around the wooden path to explore the small and active geysers heating up at 100 degrees.