We move people – what an inspiring mojo!

In 2015, three Icelandic brothers and their father started ‘ YOUR DAY TOURS‘, a happiness and simplicity based company bringing people together in order to visit the South of Iceland and leave with a big smile on their faces.

Traveling is important for me because of the stories I’m able to bring home afterwards. Therefore it’s crucial to find the company carrying proudly their own and which is able to share it with us.

When I arrived in the ‘YOUR DAY TOURS‘ van, our guide Siggi (“The one who protects in the battle, the one leading to victory”) opened its doors on the spacious and comfortable vehicle. Once everybody was sitting and ready, we embarked upon our 400km journey of discovery.

We were constantly entertained by folkloric stories and Icelandic legends, together with great Icelandic soundtracks (Monsters and Men is the one we really enjoyed !) and spellbinding scenery.

First stop: Skògafoss waterfall

With 45 minutes available to take in the most visited waterfall on the island, I decided it would be best to appreciate the view from above.

437 steps later, I was able to take in the full awe and power of the 60 metre high waterfall. Adding to the sight, hundreds of birds were flying and building their nest in the cliff. A true spectacle.

Lungs full of fresh Icelandic air, I chose to walk as close as possible to the water and to, yes, take a refreshing natural shower!

Second stop: Reynisfjara, the black sand beach

Siggi stopped the van behind the beach to let us enjoy our lunch. There was a cafeteria, but I strongly recommend to pack one and eat it on the sand. It’s cheaper and you’ll have more time to savour the view. And what a view it is!

A lot of tourists were on the site, but in a way it became charming to this dominant volcanic landscape, adding splashes of colour like a paint brush on a black canvas. Home felt suddenly far way in this fantastic place.

Third stop: Sólheimajökull glacier

This 10km long melting glacier became my panorama during 45 minutes and let me dream while the sun shined through the little clouds. This place is magical, peaceful, quiet and majestic.

Fourth stop: Seljalandsfoss waterfall

The last stop of the day behind which we had the opportunity to walk. The sun kept showing up, reflecting its rays on the powerful fall, creating rainbows in the vapor clouds.

Once back in the van, Siggi shared with us the typical Icelandic soft drink called Malt, as well as smoked lamb on flat bread, a real specialty. After this tasty break, it was time to head back to Reykjavik for an hour and a half during which I fell asleep, I must admit.

I truly appreciated how well documented was the journey with ‘YOUR DAY TOURS‘. Indeed, Siggi always had a historical fact, a joke, a date, a legend to narrate so I would go to bed more educated. He was constantly smiling, laughing and bringing his good energy to the rest of the van!

Thank you ‘YOUR DAY TOURS‘ for this amazing opportunity.

Don’t forget to check my YouTube video on this tour!