When you’re looking to watch whales and marine life in Iceland, there’s a strong possibility you’ll encounter whale watching companies with the wrong intentions and that are disregarding animal rights. Therefore I can strongly recommend Làki Tours, a family owned business offering first class boat trips aiming to bring us closer to the mammals without impacting negatively on their environment and respecting the Ice Whale Code of Conduct.

The humpback whales usually begin their journey in March, migrating from the Gulf of Mexico to Iceland. By April they arrive hungry on the West side of the island and are welcome by plentiful food. They will remain there until October or November before heading back to the warmer waters. This migration is recorded to be the longest of any mammals.

On the early morning of the 14th of April we met the Làki Tours team on the harbour of Olafsvik. Once every member of the expedition had arrived, we were given these wind/water proof jumpsuits before being welcomed onto the boat which had three stories.

It took us away into the fjord and we quickly had the chance to watch humpback whales and two groups of orcas swimming peacefully in front of the incredible landscape. The boat stops its engine and there, in the icy silence of the sea, we became one with our surroundings. Dolphins and diving birds joined the show for an unforgettable three hour journey.

What I also truly appreciated was the fact that one of the Làki Tours team was informing us on what we were looking at. And so, as I stepped off the boat, I had the wonderful realization that I had not only learned, but had also gained a new appreciation for things I had not witnessed before. A photographer is also present on board and photos taken that day are posted on their Facebook page promptly after the tour. That way, you don’t have to be a professional photographer or bring your gear or even worry about taking pictures, you can just stand there and be blown away by the spectacle.