In April 2019, I embarked upon a trip all around Scotland using only public transport and hitchhiking. This journey brought me a ton of unforgettable adventures and exhilarating experiences. During those days, I also took the time to relax and enjoy delicious meals and Scottish specialties I would like to share with you. Here are my Top 5 Scottish culinary experiences.

The Local Shellfish – Oban

Or now also called “Oban Seafood Hut, The Green Shack”

Address : Calmac Pier, Oban PA34 4DB

To be completely honest with you, this is the main reason I decided to stop by Oban, nicknamed the “Seafood Capital”, during this trip. Home to the freshest seafood and award-winning restaurants, as well as a charming harbour town, Oban’s allure is obvious.

Established in 1990 by fisherman John Ogden , this restaurant only accepts cash, and the earlier you arrive the more choices you’ll have, as the seafood has been caught that morning and the restaurant attracts a ton of people, almost fighting for what is left. You can sit or stand around their long tables, but I preferred to seat on the pier by the water to enjoy delicious oysters and shrimps.

The menu gathers most of what you could imagine at a seafood based shack, plus some pre made sandwiches and meals to eat there or take away.

The Mustard Seed – Inverness

Address : 16 Fraser St, Inverness IV1 1DW

While staying two nights in Inverness and being on tours all day, I really wanted a cosy, warm and friendly restaurant for dinner. Gladly, this compact, charming and cosmopolitan city introduced me to the Mustard Seed, open since 1995 and offering a varied collection of courses using only the best of local produce while mixing French and Scottish cuisine.

In a converted church building and dim light, the Mustard Seed made me taste amazing “moules marinières” and sole filets as well as a decadent chocolate brownie.

The Harbor Fish&Chips shop – Portree

Address: 1 Quay Street, Portree IV51 9DE,

During my day with Rabbies tours, I was lucky enough to visit the Isle of Skye and to stop in Portree, its main city. There, for a quick stop, the guide advised us to try this fish & chips shop, as (according to him) all the other ones were rubbish. It’s a place where you can only order food to take away, and most of it will be fried.

I ordered the classic fish & chips plus some onion rings and, they were certainly generous with the portion sizes! We enjoyed our food on the pier; overall a very enjoyable lunch.

The witchery – Edinburgh

(I do not own this picture)
(I don’t own this picture)

Address : 352 Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NF

While exploring the capital for a day, I decided to treat myself and to have lunch in the exceptional place that is The Witchery. Located in historic sixteenth-century building, The Witchery by the Castle was established by James Thomson at the gate of the Edinburgh castle and it’s in the Secret Garden (created in 1990) that I enjoyed my wonderful meal.

I truly enjoyed the food as well and the ambiance. This historical building is impressively highlighted and it made me wish to come and see more (as I also heard they had a couple of rooms too).

The Seafood shack – Ullapool

(I don’t own this picture)

Address : 9 W Argyle St, Ullapool IV26 2TY

Thanks to one of the guests I met in the Ullapool Youth Hostel, I’m lucky enough to say that I’ve tasted the delicious seafood from the shack of Kirsty and Fenella, devoted to serving the freshest of the Scottish sea.

(I don’t own this picture)

With their several awards I had to try it, and it was very good. With a diverse menu and a cosy outdoor sitting area, the Seafood Shack hit the right notes and I can strongly recommend it.