A day in Cape Town and my Top 5 Restaurants

During my trip to South Africa, I got the chance to spend several days in the beautiful city of Cape Town. There I’ve tasted some wonderful dishes that I still can’t forget and it’s my pleasure to share with you some addresses.


In the morning, we hopped on bikes and explored the waterfront side of the town. It was a relatively easy pathway and very enjoyable! The weather wasn’t too warm so the exercise wasn’t too intense EVEN THOUGH some streets are quite steep! Bare in mind that I come from the very flat Denmark and despite the fact that I am used to bike, it is never steeper than a half hill!

In the afternoon, we headed towards the artistic district and wandered around the different galleries and street art pieces. It was fascinating to see such a diversification of cultures in one town.

After a quick stop by the hotel we went for our an unforgettable diner at GOLD restaurant and some cocktails on the top of the SILO Hotel. The gorgeous view was a perfect way to end our day.


The Shortmarket Club

Opened in 2016, this restaurant is keeping it with its luxe-old-world feel and serves modern interpretations of classics made out of local supplies and ingredients in a unique setting. You can admire industrial furniture and local artistry surrounding an open kitchen. It was for me a great lunch place in the centre of Cape Town that I truly recommend.

What a delicious, fresh and colourful dish!

GOLD Restaurant

What a place! Unforgettable dining experience for which I recommend to book in advance. This place offers an authentic African experience and is so much more than a simple dining place. This immersive evening will take you though 14 dishes paired with traditional Mali puppets and entertainment by talented singers and dancers. This huge place is completely decorated by African art and crafts, and being able to taste dishes from 14 different countries in one night is quite magical.

This dive in African culture was unforgettable and hypnotizing!

The Silo

The Silo is a unique building located on Cape Town’s water front. It’s first and foremost a hotel hosting a beautiful bar and restaurant at its top. The decoration is gorgeous and being able to see the city from this angle was memorable. The cocktails were delicious as well as the finger food we decided to share as appetizers. Based on local flavours, it gave our last evening in the city a magical turn.

What a view, and what a place for a last evening in the city!

Ceramic Tea Bowls

This special place located in the historic St George’s Cathedral offers a truly unique jazz experience. We stepped in in the middle of the concert for some drinks before heading back to the hotel and I was impressed to be in un underground church enjoying some jazz music.
It’s a beautiful set up!