My Top 5 Norwegian scenic roads

During my European road trip which started in February 2020, my friend and I got the chance to visit Norway as the first country. We drove for twelve days through its astonishing sceneries and came across some of the most stunning roads. Here is a top 5 including our favourites!



The Atlantic Ocean Road

This treasure is an 8.3-kilometer long section of County Road 64 that runs through an archipelago in Norway.

It’s connecting the island of Averoy to the mainland and the Romsdalshalvoya peninsula, built on different islands and skerries connected by different viaducts and bridges, the most famous one being Storseisundet Bridge. Its construction took place between 1983 and 1989, got hit by 12 European Windstorms and costed 122 million of NOK. This road is now preserved as a cultural heritage site and classified as a National Tourist Road.

Being there felt almost unreal. The road feels so fragile in between those dramatic elements that are the strong wind and high waves. This road is a small detour if you’re more into driving on high ways, but I strongly recommend it for the experience. Also I thought that admiring this road through the clouds was even more powerful, so in case the weather is not with you through your holiday, don’t hesitate!

Our little mobile accommodation of the trip… I’ll miss you!


The Coastal Road

Or known with its less charming title as the County Road 17, is running from Steinkjer in the South to Bodo in the North for about 630km including 6 ferries and a multitude of islands you’re able to visit. Almost “parallel” as the more straight E6, this one is longer but way more scenic and said to be one of the 101 most beautiful roads in the world by the National Geographic.

We took it from the beginning, stopped it in the middle and continued it until the end. On the way we probably stopped the car a thousand times as after each tunnel the view was sensational. On this road and according to the information website, there are a lot of things to do and see: you can hike, go on the different islands, stopped at the museums and explore fishermen villages. We selected a few activities as we mainly wanted to drive North and the hikes weren’t available due to winter conditions.

We explored the war museum as well as the historical landmark that are some public bathrooms (no joke). It’s also on this “road” that I crossed the arctic circle for the first time (in one of the ferry), and saw Salstraumen, the strongest tidal current in the world.

Architect Public Bathrooms

On the Road


On the Road

In one of the ferries, absorbed by the landscape.

Crossing the Arctic

Isn’t for everyone and especially if you’re not equipped and prepared for it. Check my article on what I brought to this journey and what I recommend 🙂


Lofoten to Mainland conection

The E10 connects the Norwegian mainland to the famous Norwegian archipelago Lofoten and was officially opened in 2007. It takes around three hours to arrive in the city named Å, which is at the very end or the archipelago.

Through bridges and tunnels your eyes will wonder on poetic fishermen harbours and dramatic cliffs, sleepy fjords and busy birds, followed by red houses and breaking waves.

I strongly recommend to spend more than a day there as you’re able to hike around and participate in a tone of diverse activities.

Plus, with the weather changes the view magically transforms.


The road to Nordkapp (The North Cape)

This was probably the time in my life where I felt the most alone in the world, almost at its end. Driving from Alta to Nordkapp was one of the most breathtaking experience in my life. The blizard, the endless snow, the sudden fjords, the sunset… Unforgettable! The road was tough, slipery and dangerous as the weather was radically changing in sometimes seconds. We first stopped at Nordkapp, one of the last city before the Northernmost point in the European Territory. There we tried to gather information regarding the roads up North.

A “Kolone” was scheduled at 11AM, which means that a patrol snowscraper would lead us and other daring cars to the North Cape. We drove to the meeting point to find out that the kolone will be canceled due to sudden weather changes.
This is how it is to travel pass the Arctic Circle in winter: Uncertainty. But the views were worth it!

Feeling alone and on top of the World was unforgettable.

Extra: Troslltigen

I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to drive on this one as it was closed because of the snow, but it is one of the most popular scenic road in the country: a 10% steep serpentine mountain road with 11 harping bends, part of Norwegian County Road 63 from Andalsnes to Valldal.

At the 700m high plateau you’re able to park your car and enjoy the view: the reward after the hard work.

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See the source image
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