As the trip kept going, my friend and I were trully looking forward to relax for a day and found Sauna World, a sauna complex next to a small ski station and a restaurant, on our way South.

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Finnish Sauna

is an old phenomenon (as old as 7000BC) and its popularity expanded considerably. Finnish people would use the sauna to live in, eat, clean themselves or even give birth and the wood availability to build it has never been an issue in Finland. Its popularity is as strong in the winter as in the summer as saunas are an integral part of the way of life in Finland and their national identity.

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Ceramic Tea Bowls

The routine of using saunas in Finland is to start with a shower and to the sit in one of the sauna rooms. It was great to be in Sauna world as it’s equipped with around 9 rooms, several indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, a pool and an avanto (hole cut in the lake ice).

We enjoyed the whole day jumping from pools to baths to all the different sauna structures and even dared to run bare feet in the snow before bathing in the icy water outside. What an alive feeling!

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I must admit that the only critic I would give to this place is the hygiene. I found that the baths were not at their cleanest as was the floor of the place. Also, the bath water wasn’t warm enough to be able to enjoy bathing outside too long. Besides that, I loved the outdoor sauna with windows on the snowy landscape as well as the possibility to enjoy a drink around the pool.

The staff was very helpful as they accepted us to spend the night on their parking as well as to keep our wet clothes in the locker rooms for them to be able to dry and our car not to be filled with humidity.

After that, we went back to our car and enjoyed a delicious diner on their parking lot, completely relaxed and ready for the next adventures to come!