As you might already know, from February 2020, my friend and I were starting the road trip of a life time through Europe while sleeping in his converted Toyota Corolla from 1998, and on the 29th we crossed the border between Estonia and Latvia, entering therefore our 4th country in this trip (you can read about Norway and Finland here). In this article you’ll be able to read more about each day of our journey and click on links leading to more details about certain topics:



Gauja National Park

As we entered the country of Latvia from Estonia, and so by the North-East side, we drove directly to Gauja National Park and started by exploring Cesis, a charming medieval town known for its castle and its strong History. It was such a relaxing and fun visit! We also liked to drive around the small town in order to get a feel of the “real Latvia” before entering the capital city.

We then went on a breath-taking adventure to visit the Secret Sovietic Bunker as well as some mystical caves located around the town of Ligatnes that also deserves a stroll. Read more about this day in the national park here.


A day in Riga

This beautiful town and 8 degrees welcomed us under a wonderful sun and we spent the whole day wondering around in the streets. Our day filled with good vibes, great discoveries, wonderful architecture, delicious food, a breath-taking view and a super fun night! Read more about this day here.


Western Latvia: Cape Kolka, Ventas Rumba and Liepaja Beach

This day was slightly more relaxing than the previous one. We started by driving to the Northernmost point of the country, Cape Kolka, where we observed the Baltic Sea and the Bay of Latvia meet. To be honest, it was underwhelming compared to what I had pictured, but still enjoyable to walk on the beach and read about this History of this place.

We then head South towards the largest waterfall in Europe: Ventas Rumba. Around 270m wide and 2m high, they create a nice show and a cool stop in a charming town.

Finally, we parked the car next to Liepaja Beach, the famous endless white sand beach of the Baltic coast. The wind was breath taking and it felt good to go into the cosy Red Sunset bar to enjoy a warm chocolate.