When I went to visit this country, I was not completely prepared for all the different mystical places we would end up visiting. Here is a list:

The Hill

of Witches

In the Curonian Spit national park, on top of a hill lays this outdoor wood sculptures gallery started in 1979. It now contains around 80 pieces depicting parts of the Lithuanian Folklore and Pagan traditions. By walking on the different trails of the hill you can learn a bit more about the stories behind those carvings and feel thrown back in the past.

The Hill of Crosses

This site of pilgrimage located in the Northern part of Lithuania is one of the most unforgettable place I’ve walked through in my life. The first cross has been put there approximately around 1831 and has been then joined by around 55000 more. This hill holds also statues of Mary and carvings. I have a lack of words regarding this place as the amount of religious representations is indescribable. It felt quite powerful to stand in those allies and we could have spent 10 hours more exploring them.


Not so much of a mystical place, but quite a strong part of Lithuanian History, this archaeological site is located in the South-East part of the country and included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Close to Vilnius

The Devil’s Pit

The origins of this 40 meters deep cone shaped cavity are still up for debate (meteorite, glacier, mystic), it is a place surrounded by legends and folklore. Hidden in the forest, a swamp lays at it’s bottom and it is not advised to walk on it. There are many many stories surrounding this place and I invite you to go check it out if you’re interested !