While summer…

… was kicking off in Copenhagen, a friend’s birthday was coming up and I decided to organise him a thrilling and out of the ordinary surprise.

Some good aspects of URC are, first of all, the constant presence of a trained ranger around the tracks. He was here to advise us, reassure us and also take those brilliant pictures! Another great side of it is the possibility to “escape” at the end of each track while still be given the possibility to end your experience by the zip lines (which is so much fun!). After track 2 and 4 you can also find drinkable water fountains (50 meters off the ground!) which were REALLY welcomed. A net is located under the tracks so if any item falls they will be able to “fish it” back for you.

April 2020

Facing my fear of hights

Last month I partnered with Urban Ranger Camp: The Worlds Highest indoor High Roping Track, to test our limits during the physical and mental challenge that is Urban High Roping. Located in a former industrial site in the harbour of Copenhagen, Refshaløen, URC’s rangers welcomed our group on their terrace under a beautiful sunshine.

My friend had no idea that all of his friends were invited to the activity or even what the activity was and it was just so funny to see his surprised face amplify each time one of them arrived!

Once we were all here, the ranger brought us upstairs in order to get equipped and hear the safety instructions. I thought everything was well planned and organised. After that, we stepped into the famous S2 Shipyard Hall and stared at what will be our life for the next 4 hours: 28 different rope activities built 50 meters above the ground and divided in 4 individual tracks increasing in difficulty. Not to appear weak but my knees started to shake a bit.

YES I’m scared if heights. But that day I wanted to fight my fears!

We stepped into the industrial elevator after having tried the equipment and landed on the metal platform announcing the start of track 1.


Track 1 wasn’t even easy. But maybe that was my fear of heights talking. It took me this first one to get used to the view and my balance in order to be more comfortable on track 2. It also demanded a lot of physical strength in my arms and self control to not give up!

I sat down to observe the last few people of my group struggling through the last activities and was so relieved not to be with them! Though they were having so much fun pushing their boundaries and challenging themselves: they left the track 4 super proud!

I attempted the track 3 but had to cheat my way through a couple of activities and according to the ranger, this was the sign of my inability to perform on track 4, which I gladly accepted.


Once they joined me, we climbed down the ladder in order to start the zip line circuit. It was so much fun! I loved it as it felt so good to just fly in the air through the ware house and scream at the top of your lungs. What a great way to end the day! I am very grateful for Urban Ranger Camp to have given us the chance to face our fears and have such a good time doing it. The activities are really well thought through, the equipment makes you feel safe as well as the rangers and it’s a one in a lifetime experience.