I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Pattern Making specialized in menswear at ESMOD University in July 2016, after previously studying General Arts for a year in Paris.

My education has allowed me to build an incredible work ethic and to have a high sense of organization and autonomy. In addition I am more than competent in following a client’s brief and delivering to expectations.

I have had the chance to apply the acquired knowledge and skills during an exciting internship with Asger Juel Larsen, one of the most respected fashion designer in Copenhagen. As part of my tasks as studio manager, I participated in the total production of three collections as well as the office’s organization, created prints and patterns and implemented them in beautiful fashion shows and photoshoots as well as fashion fairs exhibitions.

In 2017, I created my own model agency based on the will to improve the model industry’s view on different beauties and types. During two years after its launch we represented around thirty models internationally and worked with the biggest Scandinavian brands on the market.

The past years I have had the opportunity to travel around Scotland, Guatemala, Iceland, the USA, Denmark, Canada and South Africa and am now just returning from a two months trip around Europe. Traveling is an important part of my creative process and it has allowed me to gain inspiration from several different cultures and viewpoints.

Since 2020 I’ve been working as a freelancer for different fashion companies, creating illustration and content. More recently I’ve been the Head of Design of Nomad Avenue, an high-end jewelry company based in Copenhagen and focusing its designs on sustainability and urban discoveries.

 I feel passionate about creation, it being in constructing clothing lines, illustrating projects, designing prints and shapes, organizing a photoshoot, building a fashion show or forging a company.

For having been living in Copenhagen, one of the greenest city in Europe, I opened my eyes on the importance of working towards a better and more respectful future as well as adopting a slow fashion / slow lifestyle vision.

The variety of jobs I have held helped me gain exceptional problem-solving skills and great adaptability. With the majority of my work experience being in the customer-service industry, I can vouch for my communication and multitasking abilities but also for my great patience and stamina. I see myself as a motivated and ambitious person who is eager to learn, happy to relocate anywhere in the world.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will look favorably on my work. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.